Sue Hoyuela is an active Airbnb host, coach, mentor, author and teacher in Los Angeles, CA. What began in 2011 as an attempt to make an extra $100 to put toward paying off her debt, she quickly discovered that Airbnb was actually the path to financial freedom. In just 3 years both she and her husband were able to quit their full time jobs as managers, pay off their debt and build a six-figure business with Airbnb.

Sue went on to develop several different business models for building and growing her business by using leverage to control other people’s properties with little or no money.

From an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion was born to help others achieve the same freedom she had found through short-term rentals. Having an administrative background and experience in customer service allowed her to create the “Airbnb Success Formula”; an online course teaching a systematized approach to creating a franchisable Airbnb business.

Sue has taught real estate investors, landlords, property owners and entrepreneurs how to follow and implement her systems to become Airbnb Super Hosts and Short Term Rental Automation Masters. She focuses on using systems, automation and outsourcing to create a turnkey business that creates a steady stream of passive income for her students so they are free to live the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.


“7 Ways to Make Money With Airbnb” For entrepreneurs, landlords, property owners and Airbnb hosts.

“How To Make Money With Airbnb, Without Owning Any Property – No Property? No Capital? No Loans? No Problem!”

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