Hello! My name is Sue Hoyuela and I’m the gal who turned a shed in her backyard into the Cozy Cabin and created a six-figure lifestyle friendly business with short-term rentals.

Within just 9 short months of discovering Airbnb I was making enough money renting 4 rooms in my house on Airbnb to replace my full time income as a manager, but it was only taking me about 10 hours per month to run my little side business. At that point, it was an easy decision to take the leap and quit my job to work on growing my Airbnb business.

Once I was free from a boss, I began looking for ways to add more properties to my inventory and along the way, I discovered 4 lucrative business models:

The Bed and Breakfast Model – By renting individual rooms and spaces in the same house, property owners can make $1,000 – $10,000 extra per month. The Bed and Breakfast Model is a powerful income generator because the principal that “the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole” comes into play.

Whole House Vacation Rental Model –  This is the traditional vacation rental business model where a whole house is rented to one group of guests. Airbnb has opened up phenomenal income-generating opportunities for landlords by allowing them to trade their long-term tenants for short-term guests and eliminate eviction headaches.

The Timeshare Model –  I also discovered that a timeshare can actually become a very lucrative investment, generating triple-digit returns, by taking advantage of your deeded right to rent out your free week to cover your dues and put extra cash in your pocket.

And then I discovered the business model that exploded my business. This is the business model that makes up 90% of my Airbnb business today and I call it, “The Ultimate Leverage!”

Other People’s Properties – By using my unique method to control a property in the most straight-forward way, I get paid to add new properties to my account, keep a percentage of everything I make each month and do it all with no risk, no liability and no cost whatsoever.

This is truly an idea worth sharing!

Since starting Airbnb in 2011, my life has changed in so many ways:

  1. I am free from a boss,

  2. and my husband has quit his job too,

  3. and we have paid off all of our debt,

  4. and my husband and I now have the time freedom and money freedom to fulfill our true life’s purpose.

For me, that purpose is to help others become financially free so they can fulfill their true life’s purpose as well. And I believe that I have been given this knowledge so that I can share it with others who are meant to be doing something greater with their lives, not just trading hours for dollars and making someone else rich. Airbnb has been the door to financial freedom for me and my family and I want you to have that too.

And to do that, I have boiled all of my experiences down, learned from the school of hard knocks, into a proven, 4-step formula for getting paid to start an Airbnb business and achieving financial freedom.

It’s called the “BnB Success Formula”. It is an online course that takes the guess work out of the equation so entrepreneurs, landlords and property owners can reproduce my results by setting up their own Airbnb business and having it up and running on autopilot in less than 30 days. I have compiled everything I know into this course to help you shorten the learning curve and go straight to profits.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to start your own lucrative short-term rental business, take the next step.

Enroll in my online course today.